Research Interests

  • Airborne Networks (Capacity, Connectivity, Coverage, and Security)

  • Video and Image Communications  (Rate Distortion Theory, Distributed Video Coding)

  • Computer Vision (Human Activity Analysis)

Research Projects

Rapidly Deployable Communications System

A portable, scalable, and rapidly deployable cellular/wireless communication system that can me made readily available at local/municipal emergency management centers (such as fire stations) and can be deployed within minutes after any natural or man-made disasters to establish temporary/emergency communications among first responders and citizens affected by the disaster.

Published Article:


Experimental Test Data :


Human-Machine Communciations

The goal of this project is to design a machine communication interface that enables people with severe physical limitations (lack of voice and muscle movements) to interact with the world. In long-term, advanced strategies such as machine-learning will be added to tailor this interface for individual needs and capabilities. Stay tuned for updates.