Autonomous Systems Laboratory

The Autonomous Systems Laboratory provides facilities needed to investigate state of the art research problems in cooperative decentralized systems.

Examples of autonomous systems include wireless sensor networks, robotic systems, airborne networks, and networks of unattended air vehicles.

The research problems of interest include consensus building, autonomous navigation, and surveillance.

Applications of our research include disaster recovery, search-and-rescue operations conducted by teams of people, surveillance of ground-based targets by fleets of unmanned aerial vehicles and exploration of planetary surfaces by swarms of robots.

Currently we are investigating mobility, security, and cooperative control issues in airborne networks.

The following figure shows an example of an airborne network.

Autonomous systems

Recent News

03/10/2020 - UNT is involved in IEEE Communication Society's Emerging Technology Initiative on Aerial Connectivity.
03/10/2020 - UNT team has been selected as a partner in NASA's Urban Air Mobility Grand Challenge.  Our team includes the...